Fat Customers Tell Porkies in Life Insurance

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Fat Customers Tell Porkies in Life Insurance

According to a recent survey almost a quarter of the citizens of the United Kingdom more weight, but he says, Cancer Research UK, 25% of them are just not interested in losing weight. We are in fact the second most obese nation in Europe, behind Greece.

It's not just for the government of the United Kingdom, which just announced a concerted effort to tackle the problem of family doctors, but also the life insurance industry.

The problem is that many people are still sensitive about their weight. Sensible, if they believe that sticking to a diet if they are not unique. Losing a pound or two times of celebration, while the two books back the next day is reserved. Do you know them?

Now, normally does hurt one or two of your actual weight Porky anyone - except maybe himself. But now, life insurers have to have a much closer interest. Suspect that many people lie about their weight in their applications for life insurance.

Therefore, Scottish Provident, one of the largest insurers in the life of Britain's tightening its application procedures. Now ask candidates how much they weigh, they will ask for the last time I weighed. Is this an attempt to encourage the candidates to answer more precisely, rather than a character from scratch or with the truth to be.

A spokesman for the insurance company, said: "We know that people generally underestimate their weight, mainly because they are in denial about this issue, even though there are people who only have a higher price."

The British Medical Association classifies a person as an "obsession" when their body mass index (BMI) greater than 24, but most insurance companies from 30 that the definition of obesity. Above this picture and you will see that they load your premium or even require a medical examination. Who's who Obesity can easily see, your life insurance premium paid critical illness up to 50% - and in extreme cases, cover will be rejected.

Therefore, if you know your BMI, take your height in feet and multiply it do with itself. Then take the result and divided by the weight in kilograms. The result is your BMI.

Although BMI is the accepted method for assessing the weight of a person, has its limits, because they do not discriminate when the weight goes into the muscle or fat. And a study of 33,000 adults reported recently in The Lancet concluded that the medical profession "over 24", the definition of overweight BMI could be raised "about 25" without harming health. It is the equivalent of adding an extra half stone. His research also showed that only adults with a BMI over 35 has suffered a dramatic decline in life expectancy.

But accept a level of body mass index of 30, the life insurance industry has taken a cautious middle. Well, if your money at risk, is not it?

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